No Fee Visa® Balance Transfer

Some days, finding your inner balance can be a little harder than others—especially when it comes to paying down high interest credit cards. At Jolt Credit Union, we put balance in reach.

Thanks to our no fee Visa® Balance Transfer, you can move your higher interest credit card balance to our low, 5.99% APR Jolt VISA Platinum card to start paying off debt faster. Then breathe easier—true balance will be restored.

Together, we go all in!


Visa Platinum. †5.99% APR introductory balance transfer rate for the lifetime of the balance on transfers made between January 27, 2020 – April 15, 2020. After that, the APR for any new balance transfers will be 9.90% APR. Interest rates applicable to new purchases or cash advances and for prior balances remain unchanged at 9.90% APR. Visa Platinum balance transfers are treated as cash advances so interest accrues from the date the transfer is posted to your account. The balance transfer fee will be waived during this promotional period of time, January 27, 2020 – April 15, 2020. Balance transfers of other Jolt Credit Union credit cards, loans, and/or lines of credit are not eligible. Please note if you don’t pay the entire balance for the billing cycle by the payment due date, the purchase amount that is not paid is subject to interest calculated from the date of purchase (or the first day of the current billing cycle, whichever is later), and you will lose the grace period in the current and future billing cycles for all new purchases until the entire balance is paid in full. All transactions subject to credit approval. All rates and offers subject to change.

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