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A teen checking account is the first step toward adulting.

Teens who learn how to be responsible with their money today are more likely to make good financial decisions tomorrow.


  • Members between 13–17 years old are eligible for a teen checking account with a qualified joint applicant.
  • No minimum balance requirement
  • Easily manage money through Mobile and Online banking
  • Remote Deposit. If your child gets a birthday check from Grandma, they can deposit the check through the Jolt Mobile Banking app.
  • MasterCard ® debit card – one for you and one for your teen.
  • Easy ATM access – Tired of ATM fees? Your teen will have access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs displaying the CO-OP Network logo.
  • Mobile-friendly – Your teen's smartphone and the Jolt Mobile Banking App make account management and budgeting easy.  And it’s compatible with Apple PayTM
  • No unexpected fees – Your Jolt Teen Checking Account won't charge you or your teen a monthly service or minimum balance fee. But be sure to review our fee schedule with your teen to make sure they understand how to avoid other fees, like those for non-sufficient funds.
Fee dues
  • Transferring money to your teen is a breeze – It's easy to move money from your Jolt account to your teen's, whether it's a one-time transfer or recurring allowance transfers.
Transfer money

Tips for Parenting

What's the key to teaching your teen smart money management skills? It's talking to them about money and giving them increasing responsibility for managing their own spending in a teen checking account.

  1. Teach your teen how to use a checking account, including how to use a debit card, write checks, effectively manage their money and avoid paying checking fees.
  2. Talk with your teen about why saving a portion of their income from summer jobs makes sense for their future. Have them deposit their paycheck using the Jolt Mobile Banking App, then transfer part of that paycheck into their savings account.
  3. Teach your teen security smarts and talk through how scammers trick people into sharing personal information.
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