Event Details

Event Name:Wednesdays in the Park - The Magic Bus Live! (Late 60's)
Date:August 24, 2022
Start Time:7:00 PM
Duration:1 day
Location:Wenonah Park, Bay City MI (Rain Site will be at the State Theatre)

Sponsored by: The State Theatre, Bay City, MI

FREE to Attend

How many people of Bay City got to see Janis Joplin, Jefferson Airplane, the Byrds, Small Faces, Bubble Puppy, Grass Roots as well as Three Dog Night, Jimi Hendrix and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young and the other great performers in the late 60’s, the Woodstock era, perform live in a concert in their lives; how many were too young or have only listened to the music of the Woodstock era on the radio? Refresh your knowledge of the Woodstock era musicians and groups with our short video; Relive the Music; https://youtu.be/Rgt_kmJTQxc

You can now open the door to those that love that magical, creative, colorful era of music in American history, the Woodstock era, the era of music that represents the age of beads, flower power, headbands, peace signs and the greatest outdoor music festivals with a phenomenal Magic Bus concert/show. Magic Bus…the Songs, the Look, the Feel of the Woodstock Era, will transport your audience back in time, replicating the greatest hits of the late 60’s, the Woodstock era, they will believe they are experiencing 30 separate original groups from that era performing their hits.

This is achieved by the founder of Magic Bus, Mark Harrington, music vocal impressionist, a master mimic of the vocalist over the decades; who switches his vocals to match the original vocalist of the Woodstock era songs. In addition, four other top vocalist share the stage and lead vocals; Dave, Melissa, Dan and Steve, each with their own distinct vocals, also take on a lead vocal role when their vocal is more suited to achieve the original songs essence and they also complement each other with incredible harmonies. You be the judge… https://youtu.be/BnPdS4r6gts

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