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Spark Saver's Kid's Club

Spark your interest in learning about money.

For kids through 12 years of age, Spark Savers Kids Club is a place where money saving leads to more fun. Featuring engaging money tips, tools and games, Spark Savers helps make learning money skills easy. Sign up for a Spark Savers account today with a minimum deposit of just $5.00 for money skills that will last a lifetime.

Spark Savings Accounts

Turn that birthday check from Grandma into something extra special. When added to other deposits from an allowance or other earned money, totals can grow fast. Now you're saving!

Get more from your Piggy Bank.

Spark Savers includes free use of any Jolt coin machine, so you can turn all those dimes and nickels into real savings deposits.

Rewarding your saving efforts.

Practice makes perfect, and after notching just 10 deposits on your Spark Savers card you'll receive a free gift. It's our way of saying, "keep up the good work!" Look for other fun incentives throughout the year to help sharpen your saving focus.

Saving tips & games to grow on.

Spark Savers Online is a resource packed with fun interactive games, sound saving tips and even advice on how you can make more money by helping out around the house. It's got everything a kid needs to create a healthy saving habit while having loads of fun.

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Let's get Saving!

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