Best Day Ever!
Authored By: Jolt Credit Union on 10/25/2023


Congratulations! Bring the rock to our Jolt Midland Branch at 2106 N. Saginaw Road to claim your prize. Please read our "One Rock at a Time" campaign initiative below.

*One (1) rock/prize per person. Rock must be exchanged in person to receive a prize.

Building Your Best Day Ever... One Rock at a Time. #JoltRocks #KasasaLove

We are excited to roll out our "One Rock at a Time" campaign to coincide with Kasasa's "Best Day Ever" promotion! Our goal is to warm your hearts and uplift our community this holiday season! We want this to be a symbol of our commitment to building a community filled with love, compassion, and togetherness. One rock at a time.

Here's how it works!

WANDER & DISCOVER! As you explore the charming streets and parks of Midland, keep your eyes peeled for rocks that are sporting our signature orange with our Jolt logo. These rocks hold the power to unlock a world of joy and generosity, waiting to be found by lucky individuals. 

RETURN & REJOICE! Once you find one, bring it to Jolt Credit Union's Midland branch (2106 N Saginaw Rd, Midland, MI 48640). Our warm and friendly staff will welcome you with open arms and exchange your discovered rock for a $10 gift card to a local restaurant or business. You get to savor a delicious meal or indulge in a memorable experience while supporting our wonderful Midland community.

MAKING A DIFFERENCE! But the magic doesn't stop there! For every rock returned, Jolt will donate $10 to Midland County Food Assistance Network. Together, we can help combat food insecurity, ensuring that our neighbors in need experience a brighter and more joyful holiday.

Our hidden rocks represent the power of unity and the magic of collective action. Together, let's make every day the best day ever for each and every person in our community!

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