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Community Starts With Us

Community is more than a place, it's an attitude. Our philosophy of "People Helping People" guides us in our efforts  to give back so you'll often see our staff out there with sleeves rolled up giving their all.

Through financial contributions, resource donations and old-fashioned elbow grease, we help support local organizations, sponsorship and education programs, and provide financial assistance to families in need. And we're always looking for volunteers - come join us!

2022 Highlights

Thanks to all our staff, volunteers and our community for making 2022 the best year yet!

Bringing Back The Ice at Hoyt Park Bringing Back the Ice at Hoyt Park Bringing Back the Ice at Hoyt Park 

Euclid Branch Visit Euclid Branch Visit Smart Money

 Smart Money Smart Money Smart Money 

Smart Money Classroom St Pats Expo Leprechaun Race 

SVSU  All Staff St Pats Saginaw READ contest 

CRM Cinco de Mayo Scholarship

   Ducky Derby Great Lakes Pride Summer Cruise

 St Stans Race SVSU 

 Impact Saginaw  Impact Saginaw

 Dance Studio Donation Day at the Park

 Saginaw Outing Robert Adams Dedication

Clayton Admin Ceremony  Tia's Soul zoo boo

WOC Coat Giveaway Tamale Taste Off Impact Saginaw Lights Before Christmas


Toy Drive Lights Before Christmas



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