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Boost your purchasing options with our hassle-free credit card.

  • No annual fee
  • Straight forward card with no hidden fees, tricks or gimmicks
  • Travel protection & emergency assistance coverage
  • When traveling outside of the United States, notify the credit union in advance to keep your credit card available for purchases while you are outside of the country.
  • EMV smart chip technology for enhanced fraud prevention
  • Integrated with Apple Pay™
  • Payment convenience at any Jolt office location, by phone or through Online & Mobile Banking

Call (800) 449-7728 24 hours a day to report a lost or stolen credit card. To change your VISA PIN number, call (888) 886-0083. You will need your VISA number, zip code and the 3 digit CVC code on the back of the card.



  • For borrowers just beginning to establish credit
  • To repair and rebuild your credit after a financial setback
  • Credit limit is secured by the funds you have on deposit
  • Contact us for a VISA Platinum secured application



Feel like you need more credit and it’s something you can handle? Just let us know and we can help.

Real-Time Fraud Alerts

Use your Jolt Credit Union VISA Platinum credit card with peace of mind. Jolt Credit Union will reach out to members for potential card fraud on their account. Members may receive an alert by text, email or phone based on real-time potential fraudulent card activity. This free service will also block your card if the purchase cannot be verified for your protection.

Balance Transfer

Save on interest and you could pay down your other credit card balances faster. We may be able to save you money on your monthly payments.

All we need to know is which balances you’d like to transfer.

Apply Online to Transfer a Credit Card Balance

Balance transfers are treated as cash advances so interest accrues from the date the transfer is posted to your account. Balance transfers of other Jolt Credit Union credit cards, loans, and/or lines of credit are not eligible. Please note if you don’t pay the entire balance for the billing cycle by the payment due date, the purchase amount that is not paid is subject to interest calculated from the date of purchase (or the first day of the current billing cycle, whichever is later), and you will lose the grace period in the current and future billing cycles for all new purchases until the entire balance is paid in full. All transactions subject to credit approval. All rates and offers subject to change.

Rates & Disclosures

Click here to review the VISA Disclosure form.


A. There are five ways to pay your bill.

  • Through Jolt Mobile & Online Banking.
  • Automatic payments, to enroll call (800) 798-2328
  • By calling Jolt at (800) 798-2328
  • In person at any Jolt location
  • By mail to Jolt Credit Union, P O Box 6338, Saginaw, MI 48608

A. First-time visitors to the site must register with the following information:

  • 16-digit Jolt VISA Rewards card number
  • Last 4 digits of the card holder’s social security number
  • Zip code
  • Email address

A. If there is a charge on your card that you believe that you did not make, please contact Jolt immediately to deactivate your card to avoid any further charges. We will then work with you to submit a dispute.

A. Please contact Jolt before you travel, at (800) 798-2328 to let us know the dates of your trip to avoid any unintentional blocks or false fraud alerts.

A. You can contact Jolt at (800) 798-2328, or visit your local branch during normal business hours.

A. Call (800) 449-7728 24 hours a day to report a lost or stolen credit card.

A. Yes, and it’s easy by calling (800) 527-7728.


A. There are no monthly or annual fees on your Jolt VISA. However, if your payments are not made on time, you may be subject to a late fee. Please refer to your VISA account opening disclosure for additional details.

A. You can choose to either receive your eStatements or a paper copy by mail.

A. Yes, with the use of a PIN at any ATM that displays the VISA logo. To change your VISA PIN number, call (888) 886-0083. You will need your VISA number, zip code and the 3 digit CVC code on the back of the card.

A. To view a full selection of available merchandise, gift cards and travel opportunities, login at

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