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At Jolt Credit Union, even our checking accounts look for ways to make your day easier. You get: 

NO MINIMUM BALANCE REQUIREMENTS or monthly service fee, regardless of your monthly balance or usage.

CONVENIENT AND ONLINE. Save time and money with Online Banking, Bill Payer & Mobile Banking

NEED CASH? Nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide with the CO-OP Network.

To order a Debit Card call (800) 798-2328 or click here to apply online. If your card has been lost or stolen, contact us right away. If it is after hours call (888) 918-7845. If you plan to travel outside of your normal spending area, contact the credit union prior to your trip to ensure your card will work properly. You can also add your travel plans in Jolt's mobile banking app.


To learn more about our Early Direct Deposit benefit, please click here.


Swipe and Save! Your RoundUp Debit Card does the work for you.

Each time you make a purchase with your Jolt Mastercard® Debit Card, the purchase will be rounded up to the nearest whole dollar amount and the difference will be transferred to the Jolt savings account of your choice. **Funds must be available in your checking account for the transfer to take place.

You can turn off RoundUp at any time by contacting Jolt.

Ready to start saving? It’s easy! Enroll now or contact Jolt at (800) 798.2328.


A. Complete our direct deposit form with your information and desired deposit amount, and submit the form to your employer's payroll department. For more information about our Early Direct Deposit benefit, please click here.

A. Frequently, we see that Direct Deposits may not credit your account due to an invalid account number. Be sure to verify with the issuer of the deposit that they are sending funds with your 14 digit account number. You may also want to validate the ABA Routing Number: 272484441. For assistance, contact the credit union at (800) 798-2328.

A. Transferring funds is easy and free with Jolt’s Bill Pay, available in Mobile and Online Banking. You may also transfer funds from your Jolt account to another financial institution via a wire transfer. To initiate a wire transfer, please contact Member Support at (800) 798-2328 or visit the nearest Jolt location.

A. Jolt proudly serves members who own or operate the following business types: sole proprietor, partnership or Limited Liability Company. To qualify for a business account all owners must qualify for membership. Organization/Parish accounts are also welcome that meet our membership qualifications.

There is a monthly service charge of $5.00 for a business checking account.

A. If wiring U.S. Dollars, please provide the issuing institution the following instructions:

Receiving Institution:

  • Routing number (ABA#) 272478075
  • Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union

Crediting Institution:

  • Jolt Credit Union
  • Account number # 272484441

Final Credit:

  • Members name
  • Members account #

A. You will receive your debit card instantly at the credit union’s locations.  If you open your account online, you will receive your debit card within 7-10 business days via mail.

A. If you’ve had your new debit card instant issued at a branch location your debit card is activated when you leave the office. If you’ve had your card mailed to you, you will activate your card by calling the number on the sticker on the card.

A. Debit card purchases come directly out of your checking account.  Transactions are classified in two different ways.  A Point-of–Sale (or POS) transaction is when the PIN number is entered at the merchant for approval.  The other way to approve a debit transaction is by signing your name for on the receipt or the merchant’s device at the end of the transaction.  This is often referred to as ‘credit’ by the merchant even though the funds are still coming directly out of your checking account.

Debit cards can also be used as an ATM card to obtain cash from any ATM machine.  ATMs give you the option of taking cash from your savings or checking account up to the daily limit allowed on your card.  Many merchants allow you to get cash back over the amount of your original transaction if you elect to enter your PIN number.   This option of cash back is drawn off of your credit union checking account, and the purchase total will reflect as one amount.  There is no indication in your account statement that a specific amount of cash was added to the merchandise total.

A. Your checking account number can be verified by contacting the credit union and also found at the bottom of your checks next to Jolt’s routing number 272484441.

A. If your Debit Card is lost or stolen, contact Jolt as soon as possible. You may call (800)798-2328 or visit any Jolt Credit Union location. You can also block your Debit Card in Jolt’s Mobile Banking app.

If you need to report your lost or stolen card after business hours, call (888) 918-7845.

Once your card has been reported as lost/stolen, the card will be blocked to prevent unauthorized transactions and a new card will be issued to you.  If you are located near an instant issue branch you will be able to go to one of those locations for a new card and to set up your PIN number.

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