11 Ways to Scale Back on Food Costs on 1/17/2020

1. Never shop before making a detailed menu for the week.

2. Use coupons whenever possible.

3. Cook with seasonal produce.

4. Use the generic brands for cleansers, shampoos and detergents instead of brand-name products.

5. Never buy something just because it’s on sale unless you use that item regularly. You aren’t saving if you got a great deal on something that will just sit in your pantry.

6. Whenever possible, make your own instead of buying convenience foods.

7. Never shop for groceries without a list.

8. Buy in bulk instead of making smaller, more frequent trips to the store.

9. Consider having your groceries delivered instead of going to the store to avoid impulse purchases.

10. Never shop before taking full inventory of your fridge, freezer and pantry.

11. When possible, buy larger containers of food instead of individualized portions. This includes snack bags, yogurts, ice cream, cheeses and drinks.

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