6 Reasons to Switch to eStatements on 10/19/2020

If you are still waiting for your printed statements every month, there is a faster way to access your Jolt Credit Union account statement with eStatements.

  1. Faster delivery. No more waiting for the mail to arrive before you can see your account statement. eStatements are delivered to your inbox as soon as they’re available.
  2. Eco-friendly. Remember that campaign from the 1980s asking us all to “hug a tree”? eStatements are a little like hugging a tree, because no paper is needed to generate them!
  3. Declutter. Reduce the amount of paper you receive every month and stay organized. You will have access to the past 18 months of records electronically by simply logging into Online Banking.
  4. Secure. eStatements are delivered securely to you, lessoning the fraud risk posed when mail is misdelivered or stolen from mailboxes. Delivered securely through Online Banking, not your mailbox – reducing the opportunity for Identity Theft. In addition, eStatements are not emailed, they are available for download within Home Banking which requires a pin and password and multi-factor authentication to access.
  5. They’re absolutely FREE. Everyone’s favorite price!
  6. Easy signup. If you’re ready to switch to eStatements, enrolling is simple: To enroll, login to your Jolt Online Banking account and click on eStatements.

Not sure eStatements are for you? Give them a try. If you aren't happy viewing your statement online, you can change your statement preference anytime.

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