Direct Deposit is the electronic transfer of your paycheck, Social Security benefit, pension, annuity check, or other payment into your account. Your entire paycheck can be distributed in any combination to your accounts each pay period.

Why use Direct Deposit?

It provides quicker access to your money when you use your Jolt Debit Card

Direct Deposit increases the safety and convenience of processing your check. You no longer need to worry about your paper check being lost or stolen and having to wait in line to cash it.

Sign Up Today! Follow these easy steps:

  1. Obtain a Direct Deposit form from your employer.
  2. Complete your personal information, including:
    1. Your Jolt Account Number
    2. To which account funds should be deposited, Checking or Savings
    3. Jolt’s ABA Routing Number: 272484441
  3. Sign and submit as directed.

Social Security Direct Deposit can be set up by visiting

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