Protecting Your Loved Ones from Elder Fraud

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on March 9, 2023

In 2022, Phyllis Wiseberg, a 90-year-old widow lost $20,000 when cybercriminals withdrew the money from her account. Her story, shared by the National Council on Aging, is devastating, but unfortunately not uncommon. Financial exploitation is a reality many seniors face, especially in the age of online scams. Here are actions you can take to help financially safeguard your loved ones.

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Common Cents for Couples: How to Manage Money Together

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on February 1, 2023

For some couples, February might be a month for romantic connection - celebrating Valentine's Day with dinner reservations and romantic gifting. For others, solidarity and closeness can be found in boycotting Cupid together. Regardless of whether you have a love or hate relationship with the cherubic matchmaker who wields heart-tipped arrows, one thing is certain: cohabitating couples will enjoy a more harmonious relationship when they align on money matters.

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Set 'Em and Forget 'Em: 4 Financial Resolutions You Can Accomplish Now

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on December 28, 2022

New Year’s resolutions are a mixed bag for many of us. On the one hand: personal betterment! On the other hand: methodical auditing of our refrigerator, checking account, and various vices. On the cusp of a fresh calendar year, we feel compelled to immediately transform our lives, but—as is the case with most good things—change takes time. This is especially true when it comes to financial goals. And in the aftermath of steep holiday spending, our goalposts can feel…far away.

If you want a few financial resolutions that you can achieve early into the new year (because who doesn’t love an easy to-do list??) here are some suggestions.

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"Two-Dos" for Financial Health

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on September 30, 2022

October is Financial Planning Month! How exactly do you get your finances where you want them? Everyone’s situations and goals are a little bit different, but these two financial health to-dos are a great place to start.

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7 Tips to Organize Your Finances

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on August 31, 2022

A messy, cluttered house can be stressful, overwhelming, and even chaotic. The same goes for your financial health. Disorganized bills and budgets are not only stressful, but they can actually help drive you deeper into debt. Consumers with cluttered finances and sloppy financial record-keeping are more likely to miss payment deadlines, rack up fees, continue poor spending habits and save less. Organize financial records and take the time necessary to take control of your future.

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Coping With Inflation? Be Budget Aware.

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on July 29, 2022

Inflation continues to put pressure on household budgets. From groceries to gas, record - breaking inflation means the purchasing power of your money is decreasing each month. Our partner GreenPath Financial Wellness offers you the following steps to keep “budget aware” to help navigate this period of high inflation, however long it lasts

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Financial Tips for the Sandwich Generation

Posted by BALANCE on June 3, 2022

If you find yourself squeezed between caring for your children and caring for your aging parents, you’re part of what’s now referred to as the Sandwich Generation. It’s a scenario faced by nearly half (47%) of adults now in their 40s and 50s, according to a Pew Research Center study, and it can be challenging to navigate financially. Here are some things you can do to help keep your finances on track, while meeting your family responsibilities.

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Fire Up Your Savings Game: Saving Money at the Grocery Store

Posted by GreenPath Financial Wellness on April 19, 2022

With prices rapidly rising on everyday items, perhaps your savings plan has gone by the wayside. These tips will help you find more money in your budget – starting with saving at the grocery store.

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The Event Park in Saginaw Just Got A Little Cooler...

Posted by Bridget Staffileno, VP Community Affairs on April 12, 2022

Jolt Credit Union has acquired the naming rights of Saginaw’s downtown event park across from The Dow Event Center.

"The Event Park has become an integral venue in the region, and there is no better way for Jolt Credit Union to show that we plan to continue to be woven into the fabric of our community than through this partnership," Jolt Credit Union President/CEO Alan Watson said.

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